Hee-Hee as Jack Frost!
(Photos by CB Photography)
More photos here!

Quick FAQs about the costume:

-The hoodie (which began as an XXL hoodie, was dyed, and then deconstructed and resewn together with dual seamlines stitched into the front and back and a new front pocket) is painted with blue fabric paints, a fabric pen, brushed on 3D glitter paint, and touches of white acrylic paint that were brushed and patted on for the frost effects.

-The pants (someone thought I didn’t make them… PSH LOOK AT HOW ODDLY THEY FIT. Of course I did), were sewn together from a pattern I’d recommend to no one ever and then dry-brushed with brown acrylic paints and more of the blue fabric paint and glitter 3D paints from the hoodie.

-My staff was made from pvc pipes and styrofoam tubes (found those at Hobby Lobby) and then covered in model magic (and scored with a butter knife for the wood grain) and dry brushed with acrylic paints and glitter.

-The wig was styled with Got2BGlued and a little Got2BGlued flexible gum (it’s a hair glue, not a gel) and came from Amphigory- you can find a link to the base wig in the wig progress photo in my Jack gallery. Just know that it required a lot of cutting!